About AAW

Promoting Respect, Confidence and Courage in the Workplace

Awake at Work is dedicated to a simple proposition: In order for us to get somewhere in our careers, we first have to learn to how be where we are - how to be who we are - properly, respectfully, confidently present to our lives in the immediate moment. Normally, business focuses on making the sales number, meeting the goal, becoming better, faster, more profitable. However, this culture of success - this haste to get somewhere fast - can often blind us to our lives in our linear and often narrow rush to succeed. Awake at work is about balancing our drive for success with rediscovering how to be completely who we are where we are - at our ease.

It is in striking this balance that organizations can cultivate the best possible environment for conducting business. Organizations that pursue profitability while promoting decency along the way are likely to be treated decently in return. Leaders who pursue success while mindfully and respectfully listening to their employees and customers are likely to enjoy respect and loyalty in return. And, colleagues who build their careers while developing a personal sense of confidence are likely to contribute properly and openly to the enterprise.

Awake at Work provides programs for organizations, leaders and individuals who wish to re-discover the balance of being respectfully in the moment while confidently pursuing work's objectives. Drawing on 2500 year old mind training principles and mindfulness-awareness practices, Awake at Work offers an accessible, straightforward avenue for re-discovering courage and well-being on the job and freely engaging work as a meaningful and uplifting part of life.