Awake at Work Seminars™

Cultivating Health and Well Being in the Workplace
Available in 90 minute, half day or full day sessions.

Today’s business culture places a high premium on success: meeting our objectives, making the deal, closing the sale, meeting deadlines. Such demands can produce beneficial results. But the pace and speed can also keep us on edge, constantly chasing outcomes and at times neglecting the very work that needs our attention. In the Awake at Work Program, we will examine how the effort of “non-achievement” can bring an intelligent and vital balance to this relentless pace to succeed and in turn cultivate sanity, respect and well-being in the workplace. Working with the slogans and practices outlined in the Awake at Work: 35 Buddhist Principles for Discovering Clarity and Balance in the Midst of Work’s Chaos (Shambhala, 2004) we will examine:

  • How mindfulness can help us contribute more skillfully at work
  • How the effort of “being” versus constantly “achieving” impacts our experience at work
  • The role “courage” plays in promoting innovation and sanity
  • How we individually can inspire decency and wakefulness among our colleagues

Depending upon the needs of the organization, this program can be delivered in 90 minute, half day or full day sessions.

The Wisdom of Achieving Nothing 
Available in half day or full day sessions.

This public seminar/conference focuses on helping participant’s reflect on their experience at work, offering options for re-defining a personal relationship with livelihood. Typically conducted over two 3.5 hour sessions, this public seminar focuses on:

  • Practicing mindfulness-awareness and examining its effects on our work experience

  • Exploring commonly held assumptions that can make work frustrating and distressing

  • Discussing among conference leaders and participants the "well-being" challenge at work

  • Considering how best to apply insights arising our of meditation to our jobs
  • Experimenting with the possibility of developing a contemplative approach to work
  • Mapping out a plan for applying mindfulness awareness and contemplation disciplines to 
daily work life.

AAW associates will work directly with institutions wishing to sponsor an Awake at Work seminar and conference to custom design the event - recruiting panel experts, executing marketing strategies, and leading conference activities.