Taming The Stress of Success

Mindfulness Based Stress Management 

For professionals, managers and supervisors 


This six or eight week program focuses on mindfulness/awareness meditation, deep release yoga, and other stress management practices designed to bring balance and openness into the work culture. Taming the Stress of Success teaches participants how to let go of "old emotional patterns" and engage everyday work experiences openly and confidently. Taught by an AAW associate and licensed clinical psychologist, this program engages participants 2-3 hours a week for 6-8 weeks instructing them in proven stress reducing techniques that participants can use throughout their careers and their lives.

Session 1: What is stress and how does it impact our lives?

General principle of stress; introducing mindfulness/awareness meditation

Session 2: Applying effort and "Letting go"

The psychology of "letting go" of our internal emotional struggles and "synchronizing" with the body through the breath and the senses

Session 3: Listening to the wisdom of your body

The physiology of awareness and stress; introducing "body-scanning" and "deep release" yoga

Session 4: Being available to your world

Engaging life on its terms in simple moments; introducing walking meditation as a path for extending awareness and health into everyday life

Session 5: Working with life's difficulties and distractions

Exercises designed to help ourselves and others engage life's stressful moments precisely and skillfully

Session 6: Deepening the body/mind practices

Exploring, lengthening and deepening mindfulness meditation and "deep releasing" yoga

Session 7: Fashioning a dialogue with the world around us

Moving beyond our old, familiar patterns and listening deeply to our world around us

Session 8: Laying down our burdens

Celebrating that we can be "who we are as we are" - with confidence and precision