Mindful Leader

On these weekend retreats lasting 1-3 days, participants practice mindfulness-awareness meditation, participate in group contemplative exercises and discuss the role work plays in cultivating health, well-being and natural wisdom. Conducted in peaceful settings at pre-arranged locations or at locations chosen by the client/sponsor, mindful leader retreats address such questions as:

  • How can mindfulness meditation help us become more effective leaders?
  • How can we rediscover our natural leadership talents and extend them to others on and off the job?
  • What is "fear at work" and how can we overcome anxiety and stress on the job?
  • How can we become more skillful and compassionate leaders without sacrificing our effectiveness?
  • What is “environmental intelligence“ and why is it central to wise leadership?
  • What does it mean to be an “Authentic Leader”?

By combining extended periods of sitting meditation with discussion and contemplative exercises, participants are able to gently yet directly engage many of the difficult spiritual questions that challenge us in our careers as organizational leaders.