Meditation Intensive Seminars

Many AAW associates are trained meditation teachers and guides and are authorized to introduce mindfulness-awareness meditation to individuals and groups. Depending upon the client’s needs meditation centered programs can be customized:

Lasting 3 hours to 5 days
Individual, small group (7 – 15), large group (30 – 50) or assembly (50+) sessions
Conducted on site or in retreat settings
Provide needed meditation cushions and props
Address traditional spiritual topics like:

• Cultivating maître or loving kindness
• Unraveling confused mind
• Extending natural health to others
• Exploring “emptiness” as an expression of meditation
• Understanding styles of confusion and sanity
• Cultivating the view of the Bodhisattva

Address secular topics like:

• Strengthening attention and clarity
• Cultivating post-meditation awareness
• Inspiring the best in others
• Developing healthy social and emotional intelligence
• Bringing mindfulness into organizations
• Building healthy relationships through meditation

Whether for secular settings, spiritual retreats or religious organizations, AAW associates is prepared to understand your needs and design a meditation centered program to fit your unique requirements.