Executive Coaching

All of us want to succeed at work – we want to meet our goals, be recognized for our accomplishments and enjoy the benefits that come with success. Yet, as we all know, becoming successful requires that we skillfully manage many unseen challenges along the way: negotiating a pay package, orienting a new boss, managing a difficult conflict, or even accepting a promising promotion. Success requires that we get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible; but in reality it also requires that we manage skillfully along the way and arrive at point B with our collective sanity intact.

AAW’s mindfulness based executive coaching is about just that: how do we pursue success in our careers while attending genuinely and skillfully to our lives along the way. For those clients who are inclined, AAW Associates will share mindfulness awareness meditation and techniques that will:

  • Strengthen a client’s attention, clarity and availability in workplace circumstances
  • Develop self-awareness, self-regulation and a range of important social intelligence skills
  • Provide perspective when engaging workplace conflicts and challenges 
  • Offer a discipline for training the mind and cultivating personal well being

Managing challenges skillfully often requires that we seek advice from those who can lend perspective and a practical helping hand and AAW associates have extensive background in managing people, running businesses, engaging "politics" and coaching talented professionals for success. Our experience has equipped us well to assist leaders, managers and professionals in:

  • Adapting to workplace surprises, setting new directions and inspiring new actions
  • Evaluating behaviors, attitudes and competencies
  • Developing self-observation, self-awareness, and self-responsibility
  • Building and executing winning negotiating strategies
  • Innovating beyond self-imposed limits
  • Identifying and questioning many of the assumptions that prevent effective action
  • Building and executing organizational strategies that are both decent and effective
  • Managing ethical challenges skillfully and intelligently
  • Designing and implementing career strategies for achieving success and sanity at work

Coaching at AAW is a simple and straightforward process driven by the client. Goals, pace, timetables, availability and pricing are all discussed up front in order to give the client the greatest control of the process. As coaches we are dedicated to a simple proposition underlying our client's search for success and achievement: all of us can pursue career success while being decent, authentic and helpful on the way. By engaging rather than resisting work challenges, we can skillfully achieve our goals and enjoy ourselves in the process.